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We are a dynamic team of accomplished life strategists, career coaches, wealth management specialists and business success mentors who've walked the path of achievement ourselves. Our collective experience spans industries, continents, and cultures, giving us a unique vantage point to guide you on your own remarkable journey.

About Us - Our Story

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If you've been fired, outsourced from, or let go from a job you may not have been well suited for anyway, we can help you create the career, build the business and create the wealth you want for unlimited freedom, success and opportunity

If you're stuck in a job that you hate and you want to build a business which can lead to unlimited financial success and freedom, we can help you build a bridge to the life you truly desire.

I Transformed my Life.

More importantly, i've helped transform the lives of thousands of others!

Now, it's time to Share with You The Secrets to help you transform your life to have unlimited power, to help you maximize your wealth and create the unlimited opportunity you deserve!

Read on - By the End of this page you'll know exactly how to begin to transform your life into a life with abundance and unlimited opportunity.

My Story - My "Why"

From 2006 to 2019 I helped thousands of people who had gone through an unexpected career transition. That's a nice way to say they got fired!

(Let's face it, being fired sucks! But you know what else sucks? Being stuck in a dead end job that you hate and is killing you. More on that later).

I was brought in by one of the largest outsourcing firms in the world to help people with their financial plans. During that time we specialized in helping people get through the transition financially, and create plans for the financial future they really wanted.

I even wrote two books on it: Career Financial Transitions and From Here to Retirement; Positioning Your Career Transition for True Financial Independence, Retirement & a Lasting Legacy.

Also, in 2018 I met the millionaire-maker by mistake. The millionaire-maker, who I'll tell you more about later, had helped thousands of of individuals go from careers and jobs they hated to very successful businesses and wealth limited only by their imaginations and desires.

I combined what I already knew with the skills I learned from the Millionaire Maker. Just one skill I learned nearly doubled my income almost overnight.

I went to a few workshops and learned exacly what I needed to know to build my business into anything I wanted. I sat among others who had gone from nothing to multimillionaires.

I learned the skills

I was mentored by others

I emplemented the plans

Then, Covid-19 hit. If you think my boat got busted... Think again!

My kids moved to Colorado, one of our favorite vacation spots.

My wife and I headed to Puerto Rico. We kept working with and helping the amazing clients we serve to invest, plan, design and live the best life they want based on their goals and dreams.

I was semi-retired and absolutely loving it. Confucious said: "Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life". This is absolutely true!

Helping the amazing clients I serve.

Never dealing with winter again, unless I decide to visit for a week or so.

Living the life of my dreams... Helping my clients live the life of their dreams.

Yep, pretty awesome for all involved!

But for many people, even most people, this isn't the case.

According to Pew Research, only 51% of Americans like their job.

And worse, only 34% feel like they're being paid enough,

Only 33% feel like they have any opportunities for advancement.

Fully, of the 135 Million people employed full time in America today, more than 50% either don't like their job, feel inadequately paid or don't have any hope for advancement.

Here's Where Everything Changes...

In early 2023, I sort of had an epiphany.

I was talking to one of my fabuloso clients,

one that came from that Career financial Transition workshop at the big outsourcing company.

I asked, "What's the best thing you got out of working with the big outsourcing company"?

He said, "By far - YOU"!

He went on to say he was appalled by the amount of money his big firm spent and what little else he got out the experience. Some help with resumes, networking, LinkedIn and a few other workshops.

I was not fishing for compliments!

I was not looking for a pat on the back!

I was rather shocked at the reply.

That week, curious, I spoke to a few others who came from that experience.

Their reply was similar!


I thought about it...

What if i could bring people the best career coaching possible?

beyond that, what if i could teach them how to build a successful  side hack or business?

what if i could show them what the millionairre make showed me - and a lot more?

what if i could show people how they could build a life of unlimited wealth by creating a business built on what they loved to do anyway?


“Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius .

Even better - build a business that you love around something you are passionate about, share it with the world and you'll never "work" a day in your life while enjoying unlimited success and happiness!


I thought about it more...

What if I spilled the beans about what the millionaire-maker taught me?

Why didn't that big outsourcing company teach my clients and the hundreds of thousands more that went through them that I didn't meet, the skills, the methods and the secrets that I learned?


I looked up information on the careers that most parallel Life Coaching. To my surprise, Finance and Financial Advisory were the top 2 career fields with similarity to life coaching.


I thought, "who is the best life coach on the planet? Tony Robbins!

I listened to one of his podcasts.

I went to one of his events.

I became inspired - but not on fire - yet...


Then, it happened

I stopped at a new home subdivision near one of my old favorite neighborhoods in Kansas City. It was in a beautiful area. The name on one of the real estate signs was a name that was familiar but I couldn't quite place the face.

I went into a model home. There, speaking to a nice couple was a gentleman that I recognized but I couldn't remember where I knew him from.

The couple left. He looked at me.

I knew he recognized me also - but wasn't sure exactly who I was either...

Then it hit him!

He went through my class at the big outsourcing company years ago.

We chatted a bit. I told him about what I had learned and about my life. He told me about what he was doing, what his plans were and that he wished he had worked with me but he had someone in the family that he felt obligated to work with (it happens).

I told him about the millionaire-maker, the workshops, what I had learned and about LifeByDesign360.

I told him about the guitar teacher I met at a workshop from the millionaire-maker.

A scraggily guy, sitting in a crowd of business people. He was wearing beat up jeans, had a long beard and long hair.

I had already created an opinion of this person in my head. When he told me he taught guitar I was even more thoroughly confused. Why would a guitar teacher be sitting in this room?

The "guitar teacher" told me that because of what he learned. He now had over 1,500 students paying $8.95 per week to learn guitar from him over the internet.


$8.95 x 52 weeks is $465.40 annually...

$465.40 x 1500 is $698,100 per year!

The Real Estate Agent, my long lost workshop attendee, wanted to know more...

He wanted to know more - RIGHT NOW!

That was it.

What if I died and my gravestone said, "He had a nice life serving about 70 people live well. He could have helped millions of people change their lives, but..."


Each week, you'll hear from some of the best coach's, mentors, business developers and specialists in the world!

On Friday we have a little fun setting you up for fun, leisure and a balanced life.

You'll learn about what you need to know to move beyond where you are now to a life so compelling you'll want to run to the top of the mountain and scream it to others.

You'll learn all the secrets to building an amazing career, business & wealth

You'll find out exactly who you really are - and if you wish, be able to transform into the person you really want to be.

Do you want to teach guitar - and make an amazing living from it?

Do you want to Retire Effortlessly and without a care in the world?

Do you want to turn the corporate ladder into an corporate rocket ship - straight up?

Do you want to be able to travel to the best locations across the country or across the globe?

Do you want to never worry about money for the rest of your life?

Do you want to help your children, your spouse, your family to live the best life ever?

The possibilities are absolutley unlimited!

Each podcast, each video is full of new ideas, new secrets, new ways, new techniques to help you to be on solid ground for the best life ever!

And the best part is each podcast, each video, they're free.

Make sure you never miss an episode

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