About Life By Design 360

We are a dynamic team of accomplished life strategists, career coaches, wealth management specialists and business success mentors who've walked the path of achievement ourselves. Our collective experience spans industries, continents, and cultures, giving us a unique vantage point to guide you on your own remarkable journey.

We help people going through a career transition or unhappy with the career they have to find jobs, build businesses, and create the wealth they need so they can have joy, peace and live abundantly, helping themselves and others to passionately live the life they truly want.
We do this through a specialized series of workshops, access to coach's and mentors and advisors as well as advice from specialists and ongong programs designed to help you master your life!

That’s why it’s called: LifeByDesign360.com

speaker and audience in conference meeting

If you've been fired, outsourced from a big corporate giant, been through an outplacement, or let go from a job you may not have been well suited for anyway, we can help you find the career, build the business and create the wealth you want for unlimited freedom, success and opportunity.

If you're stuck in a job that you hate and you want to build a business which can lead to unlimited financial success and freedom, we can help you build a bridge to the life you truly desire.

I've helped thousands of people who have gone through a career transition, especially an unwanted career transition due to a corporate reorganization or layoff to reinvent their financial life and get on the best track possible for retirement and success.

Now we've put together the career coaches, business coaches, financial advisors and life mentors to help you to get through the challenges you face now and to build the type of life that you've always wanted and dreamed of.

My Story and my “Why”

I have been an investment advisor and financial advisor for more than 30 years.

In 2006 an executive from an outplacement firm with a worldwide presence asked me to help people just like yourself that we're going through an unwanted career transition to remaster their financial lives based on a series of workshops that we put together to help them through this difficult time.

For the next 12 years I spoke to thousands of people that went through my workshop at that big outplacement firm in their Kansas City office.

These were people going through the exact same thing that you're probably going through right now.

The Dirty Truth

During the class, everyone that attended was confident, successful and appeared to have a calm outlook on their future.

However, when I got together with many of them privately they expressed to me their concerns about their current situation and their fears of being laid off from the big corporate giant that they had worked for for 10, 20, 30 years and even more.


The Dirty Truth is:

They we're scared

They felt betrayed

They were angry

They were confused

They didn't know what to tell thier family

They were in fear of not having income

They feared financial catostrophy

They felt lost.


During that time, one person who went through the class called me a few months later from Texas.

He wanted help!

His contract with the big outplacement company ended.

Since I was in Kansas and licensed in Kansas and Missouri, it was against regulations for me to help him at the time.

Even so, I helped him as much as I could.

But I was limited to what i could do.

He wanted more...

Ultimately, I had to let him go.

I don't know what happened to him - but I never forgot him.

More about that later...

Financial Blueprint to a Brilliant Future

My job was to help the clients of the big outplacement company craft a solution to their current financial situation, establish a blueprint for where they were now and to create a direct path to financial freedom and even the retirement success that they really wanted.


I met with workshop attendees.

I was able to help them make sense of what just happened.


In private meeting with the workshop attendee's....

They told me their fears.

They told me their concerns.

They told me about how they really felt.


I was able to show them that everything would be okay.

I was able to help them see a path to a potentially amazing financial future.

I helped them see how being let go, could be a pathway to freedom.


Working together, we were able to come up with brilliant plans for their future.

We created sensible plans to get their budgets in order.

We created ways for them to save for rainy day events - like they were going through then.

We helped them reorganize employee benefits so they were better off then when they left the company.

We helped them reduce cost's of health insurance and COBRA

We created master plans for a succcesful retirement and financial freedom.

Ultimately, I helped them establish true and lasting financial peace!


I taught that class called Career Financial Transitions for more than 12 years at the big outplacement company in Kansas City.


I still work with many of those clients to this day.


Those same people will now tell you:


They are confident about their future.

They are excited about their financial freedom.

They are on the right track.

They know they have a trusting partner

They know someone is looking out for them.

They know they have an answer to their questions

They are happy

They have financial peace

They are enjoying thier retirement.

They own Total Financial Freedom and Happiness!


In 2018 I told the big outplacement company that I would soon be leaving and moving to Puerto Rico.

Soon after that the big outplacement company and I parted ways.

Even so, I continued to work with the people I met that became my clients through that workshop.

I work with them to this very day!


A Silly Question and a Reply that Changed Everything...

In June of 2024 I decided to ask one of these clients that had come to me through this workshop a silly question:


“What was the best thing that you got out of that outplacement company?”

The person I asked unhesitatingly replied, you!


Flattered and humbled, I replied, "Thank you and why is that?"


They first admitted that I had helped them for many, many years with their complex financial needs which they appreciated deeply. I was always there for them...


Then they said all of the services that they received from the big outplacement company ended after a certain period of time with no ability to continue.


Further, if they missed anything, their opportunity to receive any more coaching was over.






Not happening - ever again!


If they wanted any type of career coaching, they didn't know where to go.

If they wanted any type of business coaching they didn't know where to go.

If they wanted any type of life coaching, they didn't know where to go.


They further admitted that I helped them with so much more than only financial and investment planning.

Introductions to:



insurance companies

estate planning firms

business coaches

life coaches

career coaches

and more...


Then I asked, what if we could provide an ongoing service to help them answer these questions and guide them on an ongoing basis with access to these specialized answers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, would that be of interest?

Their answer was an emphatic yes!


Then, in January of 2024, I met my latest client....

Let go from GOOGLE

Missed the Outplacement Coaching Period of the outplacement firm, hired by Google.

Thought she had a new job secured.

At the last minute, the new company changed their mind - job not available.

She was introduced to me.

I told her about our newest program: LifeByDesign360

She immediatley got involved!

Oh, and the outplacement firm - it was the same one that brought me in for 12 years.


Here's How LifeByDesign360 Can Make Your Life Better - Much Better!

If you want to move from a career and a job that you may not have liked anyway into a new career that you are passionate about we can help you.

We'll show you how to:

Access the Best Job Search Skills

Negotiate the Best Salary

Read Body Langauge like a CIA Secret Agent

Peel back the HR Departments Hiring Strategies

Secrets to Creating a Resume that Puts You on Top

Network Like a Superstar in and outside the Company

Master Your Financial Life during a Career Transition

... and that's just the beginning....

Access online workshops, coach's, strategies and the community


If you want to start a side hustle which can turn into an amazing business which can create an ongoing income stream that can help you to build wealth, we can help you.

We'll show you how to:

Building Massive Success in our Entrepeneur Series Workshops

How to Assess and Implement the right Legal Framework

Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, S-Corp, LLC, etc.

Build your Business in




Medical and Dental


Wine & Travel


Hiring Employee's

Hiring Contract Employee's (1099 Workers)

... And that's just the beginning ....

Access workshops, coach's, strategies and the community


If you want to know the financial strategies that you need to put into place based upon how you design your life in order to create the type of financial freedom and retirement that you've always dreamed of, we can help you.

We'll show you:

When to Hire an attorney if you've been laid off incorrectly, and when not to.

How to build a Sustainable Budget

How to Set up Your Retirement plans

401k's, IRA's, Roth IRA's, SEP's, etc.

How to Invest or work with your Severance Pay

How to manage Employee Benefits

How to Guard Your Life Against Financial Disasters

How to Create the Financial Roadmap to an Early Retirement

How to Reduce Taxes and keep Uncle Sam out of your Life

How to Invest for Success

How to set youself and family up for the Ultimate Financial Freedom that lasts Generations.

... And that's just the beginning ....

Access workshops, coach's, strategies and the community


Very simply, we created lifebydesign360.com to provide you with the workshops, the classes, the resources, the answers to your questions, the coaches, the advisors, the mentors and so much more in order to help you to create the kind of life that you've always dreamed of.


Each week you'll be able to access new podcasts which help you to answer the questions that you have about going through:


a career transition

getting a new job

setting yourself up for a bulletproof career

create a business that you love

create ongoing sustainable wealth

Retire and own financial freedom on your terms


You will have a deeper much better access to:

Career courses,

Business and entrepeneur workshops,

The coaches,

The advisors

The mentors


The help you need to fast track your life to:


a better career

the business you love

the financial success you want in order to retire on your terms


You'll be a part of a growing community of people just like yourself.

Access coaches and advisors to help you design the type of life you truly want

Get feedback from people that are going through exactly what you're going through now

Access specialists you need to make informed, intelligent decisions about the best path forward in regards to the life that you truly want.


If you've been searching for someone to help you to master your life, to master your career, to master a business that you love and to help you to master building wealth so you can truly live life on your terms then you need to be a part of our community.


Back to the guy in Texas.

When I spoke to him, he was scared.

I could hear his voice tremble and crack.

He had an opportunity also, a new job in Texas, like my newest client.

But it didn't work out.

His coaching with the big outsourcing company was over.

Time ran out.

He was burning though his cash

He sounded desperate

I gave him general advice, but I couldn't help him like he needed.

Later, I found out that as a coach, unlike a registered advisor, I could help him change his world.

I never want to have another story like that.

I prefer the stories of the thousands we were able to help.

I want to make sure you have every opportunity possible to thrive.

To live the best life possible.

Every day - for as long as you want - no end date!

We won't ever give up on you.

We'll be here for you - as long as you want to keep us!

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