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We are a dynamic team of accomplished life strategists, career coaches, and business success mentors who've walked the path of achievement ourselves. Our collective experience spans industries, continents, and cultures, giving us a unique vantage point to guide you on your own remarkable journey.

Our Story


I spent the first 30 years of my life making excuses for why I wasn't happy. Things like, bad jobs, relationships, a tough childhood, bad college breaks, being a fat little kid and, of course, money.

I shouldn’t even be alive to help you….

What I learned later in life helped me like you could never ever imagine - it's how I can help you no matter what stage of life you're at.

Here's why:

In college I came down with Encephalitis. I almost died! To make matters worse, due to being out of school for more than a month and missing a deadline to get out of finals, I had to take the tests. Do you remember those bubble tests? On one of them I literally bubbled in a picture of a submarine. When I handed it in, the professor smirked and asked, “what is this”? I told him about being sick, why I couldn’t get out of the tests due to lousy rules and what had happened. I told him, "Submarines go to the bottom of the ocean, and that's where my grade is going". He laughed.

Later, even though I know I failed that test, I found out he gave me a D-. He cut me a break, because I made him laugh.

At that time, my father was in charge of mortgage banking at a small town bank. He gave me information on how to be a successful mortgage banking loan officer. He also gave me a used cassette tape - Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I studied everything I could! When I applied for jobs, my Mom told me to not be disappointed if I didn’t get hired. I wasn’t even old enough to drink alcohol legally. The intense studying paid off. So did Napoleon's words - anything you can conceive and believe, you can achieve. I didn’t get one job offer, I got several. I went to work at Cameron Brown, at the time the 4th largest mortgage banker in the United States.

By my second year in mortgage banking I was doing terrific. My friends couldn’t believe I was doing so well without finishing college. I bought my first house, a new Acura - with cash - and even the girl next door thought I must be selling drugs to be doing so well at my age.  I was determined to be successful. I soon learned I made more money in 1987 then my Mom and Dad - combined.

Then 1990 hit. Interest rates which had been coming down for years from much earlier highs went up. No one was taking out loans. I had a house payment, took out loans on my car which I had bought for cash – loans I couldn’t repay, credit cards and big dog (Saint Bernard) I was taking care of for my brother. At times I literally wondered if I would eat or the dog would eat?

Maybe I’d just eat the dog (just kidding, I love dogs).

Life was so bad, I even considered suicide.

But I listened to that tape my father gave me, Think & Grow Rich. I also listened to various programs from inspirational and motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and others. I knew I had to turn my life around.

I became involved with life insurance and investment sales at New England Financial. I absolutely hated selling life insurance (Life insurance is very important - I just hated selling it) but enjoyed helping people get involved with health insurance and financial strategies. My boss at the time wouldn’t let me get involved with the investment side, which I really liked. One day, I got a referral to the President of Sprints Local Telephone Company. At the time, Sprint was two different companies - local and long distance. Seeing the opportunity to meet face to face one of the top executives of Sprint, my General Agent wanted to go along. Unfortunately, due to my not being licensed for investments (the rules), neither of us could talk to the president of Sprint about mutual funds (even thought he General Agent was licensed to do so). The General Agent was furious.

I soon got what I really wanted – the ability to help people set up and navigate investments for education funding, retirement plans and building wealth.

I left the New England in 1992 and went back to mortgage banking as interest rates had stabilized. In 1995, I set up my own Health Insurance, employee benefits, financial planning and investment business. During this time I also got married and brought my first child, my son into our lives.

The strategies I learned for financial planning that I learned from the New England were second to none. They were the best! I just hated selling insurance, especially life insurance.

On the other hand, their strategies for investing were mediocre at best and their strategies for marketing absolutely stunk. Pick up the phone and cold call.

Looking back, I would never ever teach someone to reach out to people that way. It was like getting acid thrown on you every day! It was the worst (and still is the worst) form of this thing called MARKETING ever conceived.

Even though I continued to use cold calling, I was also beginning to get a lot of referrals. Referrals were wonderful! People would get introduced to you from happy, satisfied clients. The new, referred client would benefit from my companies commitment to outstanding service and tell others. The business grew. I thought, "How can I turn my business into a referral machine"?

In 1999, considering Al Gore wanted to socialize healthcare coverage, I sold the health insurance business to focus on investing and financial planning only. Even though I was early, and Barack Obama did what Al Gore couldn't later in 2008, being involved with the stock market, investing and financial strategies was where I thought I would really thrive.

Then the dot.com bomb hit. The NASDAQ fell tremendously with the S&P 500 and Dow basically stalling.

Then came 2001 and September 11th. Things went from bad to worse.

Married with two children (my daughter was born in 1999) I hit the lowest earning years of my entire life out of college.

In 2004 I got a divorce and split the time with our kids. Let me tell you, raising good kids and developing a business is no easy task. As a matter of fact it was damn hard. But I was determined to make it be a success.

In 2006 I learned of Dan Zanger. He still holds the world record for the highest audited investment return in stocks ever. He learned the strategies from various sources but the #1 coach was William O'Neil of Investors Business Daily.

Through Dan and William I was able to learn strategies that very few knew about or even incorporate to this day. I also learned of other well known as well as more secret strategies from Zacks Asset management which are known to very few people that can have an immediate and positive affect on portfolios. I now use our own secret sauce combination of these strategies for preserving assets in bad times and harnessing the power of various, select investments for our very exclusive Preferred and Private Reserve Clients to this day. Strategies that very few others know of to build and protect wealth.

In 2007 I was introduced to Lee Hecht Harrison, one of the largest outsourcing firms in America. I became their only financial advisor for people going through a career transition at their Kansas City branch. This is when I wrote the book Career Financial Transitions which later became From Here to Retirement.

When 2008 hit we were prepared. In January of 2008, while my Mom was dying of cancer, I was furiously calling clients to get them out of the market. The way my company was set up, I had to call you first to get your permission to go from stocks to cash or back. Literally 30% (+,-) asked why I was even calling them – just do it. Another 35% wanted to wait and see what happenes, but ultimately came on board with our calls to get out of the market quickly thereafter. The remaining 30% said they were told to stick with their plan, no matter what. This last 30% would never leave the market, even when I told them before Lehman brothers blew up in September 2008 to get out. By the end of 2008, that last 30% were reeling. One even cried. Then, when things turned around in 2009, they wouldn’t get back in when I told them to. Why in the world would you utilize and investment advisor and not take their advice?

Of the first 70%, most are still clients to this day. Of the last 30%, many left or we fired them as they weren’t able to be advised or coached. I'm not interested in being paid to hold your hand, like the multitude of other advisors - my job is give you advice, guide you through what you should and shouldn't do financially and help you to grow wealth and live an amazing life. At that point we changed from Non-discretionary advisor (where I have to call you first) to Discretionary (where we can make investment decisions on your behalf without calling).

From 2007 to 2019 I spoke to thousands of people who were let go from some of Americas biggest employers in America. I helped many of them create and design their ultimate retirement blueprint and financial and investment plan for success.

In 2019 I also got re-married to an amazing woman that can put up with all my nuances of being an entrepreneur, advisor, financial planner and coach. Tara is Terrific!

Still, with regard to marketing - getting the word out and being able to literally turn on and turn off a marketing machine, at will - was elusive.

In 2017 I was fortunate enough to learn of Dan Kennedy, one of the best, if not the best marketers and business builders of all time. What Tony Robbins is to Life Coaching, Dan Kennedy is to marketing and business building. I utilized Dan's methods. My business turned into the most fun - and profitable ventures of my entire life.

Through Dan and his associates I also met some amazing business owners. Some were amazingly successful in what I would consider to be "odd" business ventures.

For instance:

In a Dan Kennedy "GKIC" (Glazer Kennedy Inner Circle) event, I sat next to a scrappy, long bearded, long haired chap that looked extremely out of place. I asked him what he did for a career. He said, “I teach guitar lessons”. I thought, what’s this guitar teacher doing in a group of highly successful business leaders? So, I asked for more.

He said, "I learned how to market the teaching of guitar lessons over the internet for $8.95 per week. I have over 1,500 students & member . I work about 8 hours a week and have the rest of the time off. My Guitar Masters of the Universe Club has ongoing riffs and education for my Titanium Guitar Masters".

Getting out my calculator I checked:

$8.95 x 4 weeks                       $35.80 per month

$35.80 x 1500 students            $53,700 per month

$53,700 x 12                           $644,400 annually

This guy works less, enjoys life more and helps more people due to what he learned though the systems and secrets I am going to tell you about than I did at the time – a hoity toity financial specialist.

WOW - How Awesome!

I met a lot of people like that...

Because of that training, the experience of meeting some amazing business owners and implementing what I learned, I was able to ramp up my business and by 2020 "semi retire" ( I love what I do and that is the definition of semi retire to me).

Because of Covid, changes in my family (my kids moved to Colorado) and the affects of the Covid Virus, I dropped our big, beautiful office in Kansas and Tara and I moved to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I now work remotely, have hired some amazing employee's and serve my clients who benefit from our Trademarked WealthSentry Asset Management on my terms - providing exceptional service to those we serve.

Many of my clients asked if I would soon retire?

If I really wanted to I could sell the business and fully retire - but why would you quit something you love? And I love helping people, advising the clients we serve and implementing investment strategies, growing and preserving wealth in a way that only we know how to do.

Warren Buffett is 92 years old .....

Tony Robbins is 63 ....

Harrison Ford is starring in another Indiana Jones Moving ... at 80 years old.

Dave Ramsey is 63 and Susie Orman is 73

I've been retiring other people for 20 years....

I don't want to Retire - I want to help people live beyond their visions of "what's possible".

Recently, I began to critically look at what’s happening in America and around the world. I've noticed the follies of Social Media.

I’ve also been disturbed by the absolute distorting of accurate information from the “I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night so now I’m a whatever expert insanity going through Facebook (Meta), Twitter and the least sound method of getting information – TikTok.

Further, well known but wrongheaded guru’s providing information that in my opinion is dangerous at the very least.

I want you to have a fantastic life!

I also want you to benefit and avoid the mistakes I made and maximize the success I now have so you can leap over the boundaries that stand in your way. I want you to be as successful as humanly possible – if that’s what you wish for.

If you want to work just a few more years or maybe retire now, I want you to know you can - without any question or hesitation.

  • But if you want to live exceptionally....
  • If you want to bust out, break beyond barriers that are holding you back...
  • If you want to know all the Secrets to move you from where you are now, to an amazing place beyond compare....

You should have it!

So, ask yourself - What are you doing in your life?

What special, overlooked skill do you have that could be turned into millions, maybe multi-millions? And, more importantly......

What could you do to change the world for the better!

What are you doing to put it all together:

  • The career plan
  • The business plan
  • The marketing plan
  • The financial plan
  • The YOU plan

In the last 10 years I was able to learn more, implement more and achive more than most everyone I've ever met. I've also met a small, amazing group of people who have created amazing lives, live abundantly and are more than willing to share their secrets of success.

Their passion for paying it forward - because it's the right thing to do, is unquestionable.

I want to share with you everything I've learned, bring to you all the best coaches, entrepreneurs and successful people from the area's of life planning, career planning and business planning and make it super simple to create the type of success for you that until now has been out of reach.

Further, I want to share with you what you need now to build wealth, protect wealth and secure wealth for your family and others you love or those special interests that are close to your heart so you can completely fulfill your life's destiny on this planet.

Because of the Secrets I have learned in the last ten years of my life - Secrets you can and should be able to put to work for you right now, I want to see that you live the life that's as full of abundance as you desire!

More than anything, that's what you - and America - and the world needs now!

Your entire Life By Design 360 - to create the amazing life you could own?!

That’s why I’m here!

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